Growing up in Copenhagen, I have always been fascinated by the strange &  bizarre,  how to ignore pain and pushing the body to it’s limits.

In 2012 I found a mentor who was willing to pass his knowledge on to me. It’s important to say that not everyone is able to swallow swords. It is a long process to start, and the first step is to practice every day for years on how to extend your neck to be able to get the sword down your throat at the right angle. And you are not guaranteed any successful result. What is also important to mention is that most accidents do not happen on stage, but during rehearsal. The most common injuries are scratches in the esophagus or lasting neck pain. In worst case you could die. So will I ever teach anybody how to do it? Absolutely fucking no.

In 2016 I’ve moved from Copenhagen to work for Cirque Le Soir in Dubai. After I returned to Copenhagen I have participated in Denmark Got Talent, performed at tattoo conventions, cabarets, dinner shows, nightclubs etc. In 2018 I was swallowing swords for an audiences including the crown princess at the AXGIL award show in the circus building in Denmark. In 2019 I was performing in the opera Don Juan directed by Christian Lollike.